Are you a plant snob?

Are You a Indoor Plant Snob? Here’s your Test to See!

Do you find yourself obsessing over the latest trends in plant parenthood and secretly judging your friends’ plant collections?

Well, you might just be a plant snob!

But don’t worry – you’re not alone in this plant obsession. Plant snobbery has become a whole subculture in the world of indoor gardening.

But how do you know if you’ve crossed over to the dark side of plant snobbery? Fear not, fellow plant lovers – I’ve compiled a list of eight red flags to spot if you’re a proud plant snob.

Red Flag #1 – Scoffing Uncontrollably

Did you scoff at anyone who doesn’t know their Monstera from their Snake Plant?

If you find yourself rolling your eyes when someone misidentifies a common houseplant, you might be a plant snob.

Remember, not everyone can be a walking encyclopedia of plant knowledge, and it’s okay to share your wisdom without the snobby attitude!

Red Flag #2 – Dedicated Indoor Plant Room?

Your plant collection has its own room, and you’ve named every plant.

Having a designated plant room isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but if you’ve given each plant a name and a seat at your imaginary plant dinner table, you might be taking it a bit far.

“Meet my ficus, Sir Fiddlesticks.”

Red Flag #3 – You Speak to Your Plants….

Do you speak to your plants, and you expect them to respond?

Conversations with your plants can be therapeutic, but if you’re constantly asking them about their day and hoping for a reply, you’re teetering on the edge of plant snobbery…or maybe even worse! LOL, jk…(I do it too!)

Remember, plants are great listeners, but they’re terrible conversationalists.

Red Flag #4 – Judging by Plant Collections

You judge people’s homes by the number of plants they have?

Entering someone’s house and immediately counting their plants to determine if they’re a fellow plant enthusiast is a classic plant snob move.

Instead of tallying up their greenery, why not appreciate the decor and the company of your friends?

Red Flag #5 – IG Account?

You’ve started a plant Instagram account with a punny plant-related name.

There’s nothing wrong with sharing your plant journey on social media, but if your Instagram handle is something like @FernGullyFanatic or @PlantyMcPlantFace, you might be leaning into plant snob territory.

Red Flag #6 – Therapist for your Plants

Have you contemplated taking your plants to a plant therapist?

It’s one thing to worry about the health of your plants, but if you’ve thought about seeking professional help for their emotional well-being, you’ve definitely taken things a bit too far.

Remember, plants thrive on love and sunlight, not therapy sessions.

Red Flag #7 – You Know Every Genus Species

You’ve memorized the Latin names of your plants and insist on using them in everyday conversations.

“Oh, you like my Ficus lyrata? It’s also known as Ficus elastica var. decora.”

If you find yourself dropping Latin names at brunch with friends, you might be a plant snob.

It’s okay to keep the Latin names to yourself unless you’re chatting with fellow plant nerds.

Red Flag #8 – Your Entire Home is a Greenhouse

You’ve considered turning your entire home into a greenhouse.

If you’ve ever thought about removing all your furniture to make space for more plants or installing UV lights in every room, you’re definitely on the plant snob spectrum.

Remember, a balanced home is a happy home.

Are You a Plant Snob?

If so – make sure to send this article to a friend. Maybe they are a plant snob too!

And remember, I don’t think being a plant snob is a bad thing…because I talk to my plants too!

There’s no shame in being passionate about plants. Just remember to share your knowledge and enthusiasm with others in a fun and inclusive way. After all, the plant world is vast, and there’s always something new to learn and love about these leafy friends. Happy planting! 🌿🌡 #PlantSnobbery #PlantLove

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