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Bonsai Care: Woman Pruning Tree Branches

Bonsai Care Basics What You Need To Know

Be sure your bonsai care basics are specific to your tree. Since these small trees are created from many different kinds of plants, they often require different cultivation. Once you know what kind of plant you have, learn what bonsai care that particular plant needs. What Does Your Tree Like? Sun?  Shade?   Lots of water?  Little water?  Will it grow indoors? …

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Various Tools For Caring Bonsai Trees

How Many Bonsai Tools Do You Need

Created with shapes, sizes and sharpness to do specific jobs, bonsai tools also do them well. Hundreds of different designs and sizes are available. These implements are available individually, as well as in sets.  Before you buy … understand there are many different grades.  The least expensive equipment is often very poor quality. They may break and/or lose their …

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Bonsai Cypresses In Pots - Tree Farm Nursery

Bonsai Pots

Bonsai pots are most often used to display plants shaped and styled to look like small old trees. In some cases, these miniature trees are very old, sometimes hundreds of years. There are also other ways to contain and display bonsai trees. Rock slabs and marble trays are not always easy to work with, but …

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Bonsai Gardener In Conifer Nursery With Tablet

Bonsai Supplies And Accessories

Bonsai supplies and accessories are available by the hundreds (perhaps thousands.) You will not need them all. Many are true assets and conveniences – others are nothing more than novelties. You may not need them all. Start with the necessities. Even before tools and supplies, a good place to begin is with a good teacher and a good book. There …

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Starting Bonsai Potting Plants Soil Preparation

How To Make Bonsai Where To Start

When someone asks how to make bsonsai, I take a deep breath. There are many answers to this question! The short answer is, any way you can propagate a plant, you can start a bonsai. Seeds , cuttings, air layers, nursery stock, growing in the ground and “pre-bonsai” can all be “how to” beginnings. Another …

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