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Growing Philodendron Burle Marx Fantasy (Photos Included)

Welcome to my Philodendron Burle Marx care guide! If you’re a fan of tropical plants and indoor greenery, you’re in for a treat. Philodendron Burle Marx, also known as Philodendron imbe ‘Burle Marx’ or Philodendron burle-marxii G.M.Barroso. And after this article – check out the 76 Types of Philodendron (with photos).

Key Takeaways:

  • Philodendron Burle Marx is a beautiful tropical houseplant that requires proper care to thrive.
  • Check the soil moisture regularly and water the plant when the top few inches of soil are dry.
  • Position the plant in a well-lit area with bright, indirect sunlight.

Philodendron Burle Marx Plant Care

When it comes to caring for your Philodendron Burle Marx, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind. By following these care tips, you’ll ensure that your indoor plant thrives and remains healthy.


Proper watering is crucial for the well-being of your Philodendron Burle Marx. It’s important to check the soil moisture regularly and water the plant when the soil is dry about two inches deep. During the fall and winter months, water your plant once or twice per month, while in the warmer months of rapid growth, increase watering to 3-4 times monthly. Avoid over-watering to prevent root rot, and ensure the soil has proper drainage.

Light Requirements

Your Philodendron Burle Marx thrives in well-lit spaces with bright indirect sunlight. Positioning the plant near a north-facing window with filtered light is ideal. While it can adapt to medium to low light conditions, avoid placing it in areas without natural sunlight. Sheer curtains can help filter the sunlight and protect the leaves from scorching. For more information on indoor plant lighting, refer to our comprehensive lighting guide.


Regular pruning is an essential part of Philodendron Burle Marx care. By pruning the plant periodically, you can maintain its shape and height. Additionally, dusting the leaves regularly and rotating the pot by a quarter turn each month promotes even growth. Consider using totems or moss poles to support the plant’s growth and create an attractive display.

Aspect of CareTips
WateringCheck soil moisture regularly; water when the soil is dry about two inches deep
Light RequirementsBright indirect sunlight; position near a north-facing window; use sheer curtains to filter sunlight
PruningMaintain shape and height through regular pruning; dust leaves and rotate pot for even growth

Watering Philodendron Burle Marx

Over-watering can lead to root rot, while under-watering can cause the plant to become dehydrated. Follow these watering guidelines to keep your Philodendron thriving.

Watering Schedule

To determine when to water your Philodendron Burle Marx, check the moisture level of the soil regularly. Stick your finger about two inches deep into the soil, and if it feels dry, it’s time to water. During the fall and winter months, when the plant goes into a dormant phase, water it once or twice a month. In the warmer months of active growth, increase the watering frequency to 3-4 times per month.

Proper Drainage

Proper drainage is essential to prevent waterlogged soil and root rot. Ensure that your plant’s pot has drainage holes at the bottom to allow excess water to escape. You can also add a layer of pebbles or small rocks at the bottom of the pot to further enhance drainage. If you notice any standing water in the pot’s saucer, remove it to prevent the roots from sitting in moisture.

Signs of Over-Watering

Over-watering can be detrimental to the health of your Philodendron Burle Marx. Signs of over-watering include yellowing or wilting leaves, mushy or blackened roots, and a foul odor emanating from the soil. If you suspect over-watering, allow the soil to dry out completely before watering again and adjust your watering schedule accordingly.

Watering TipsFrequency
Check soil moisture regularlyWhen soil is dry about two inches deep
Water once or twice per month during fall and winterDuring dormant phase
Water 3-4 times per month during active growthWarmer months
Ensure proper drainage to prevent root rotUse a pot with drainage holes
Remove excess water from the saucerAvoid waterlogged soil

Light Requirements for Philodendron Burle Marx

Proper lighting is crucial for the health and growth of your Philodendron Burle Marx. This tropical plant thrives in well-lit spaces with bright direct or indirect sunlight. While it can adapt to medium to low light conditions, it should not be placed in areas without natural sunlight. To provide the ideal lighting conditions for your Philodendron Burle Marx, position it near a north-facing window with bright, indirect light. This will allow the plant to receive the optimal amount of sunlight without the risk of direct exposure, which can cause leaf scorching and discoloration. If necessary, you can use sheer curtains to filter the sunlight and create a more favorable environment for your plant.

If you’re unsure about the lighting conditions in your space, consider using a light meter to measure the intensity of light. A reading of 1000-2000 foot-candles is recommended for Philodendron Burle Marx. Additionally, keep in mind that lighting requirements may vary depending on the season and the specific needs of your plant.

Light LevelDescription
High LightDirect sunlight or bright, indirect light for 4-6 hours per day.
Medium LightBright, indirect light for 2-4 hours per day.
Low LightIndirect light or filtered light for less than 2 hours per day.

Growth and Size of Philodendron Burle Marx

Philodendron Burle Marx is a moderately fast-growing plant, adding approximately 2 to 4 inches in height per week during its active season in spring and summer.

When cultivated indoors, it can reach a height of about two feet and spread up to four feet wide. As the plant matures, it continuously produces new leaves to replace older ones. It is normal for a few lower leaves to shed while new growth appears at the top. If you notice slow growth or a loss of vibrancy, it may indicate over-watering, excessive sunlight, or the need for repotting into a larger container.

To illustrate the growth rate of Philodendron Burle Marx compared to other popular indoor plants, refer to the table below.

PlantGrowth Rate (inches per week)
Philodendron Burle Marx2-4
Monstera Deliciosa3-5
Fiddle Leaf Fig2-3

As shown in the table, Philodendron Burle Marx has a similar growth rate to other popular indoor plants like Monstera Deliciosa and Fiddle Leaf Fig. However, it is important to note that growth rates may vary depending on various factors such as light intensity, temperature, humidity, and overall plant care.

Temperature and Humidity for Philodendron Burle Marx

When it comes to providing the ideal environment for your Philodendron Burle Marx, temperature and humidity play crucial roles. Maintaining the right conditions will ensure the plant’s health and vitality. Let’s explore the recommended temperature range and humidity levels for this stunning tropical plant.


Philodendron Burle Marx thrives in temperatures between 60-75°F (15-24°C). It is essential to avoid exposing the plant to extreme cold, such as near drafty windows or outdoor frost, as it may cause distress and hinder growth. Keeping indoor temperatures above 55°F (12°C) for prolonged periods is necessary to prevent leaf drop and other complications.


High humidity levels of around 80% are optimal for Philodendron Burle Marx. This tropical plant originates from regions with humid climates, and providing sufficient moisture in the air will promote healthy growth. However, it can tolerate humidity levels of 30-50%, making it a versatile houseplant. During drier seasons or periods of low humidity, consider using a humidifier or placing a pebble tray filled with water near the plant to increase moisture in the air.

60-75°F (15-24°C)80% (preferred), 30-50% (tolerated)

Toxicity and Common Problems of Philodendron Burle Marx

When it comes to Philodendron Burle Marx, it’s important to be aware of its potential toxicity. The plant contains calcium oxalate crystals, which can cause skin irritation, a burning sensation in the throat, vomiting, and difficulty swallowing if ingested by humans or pets. To keep everyone safe, it’s crucial to keep this lovely houseplant out of reach of children and pets.

In addition to its toxicity, Philodendron Burle Marx can encounter some common problems. Excessive sunlight can lead to scorched or brown leaves, while over-watering can cause wilting or drooping and potentially result in root rot. Regularly inspect your plant for signs of pests such as thrips and mealybugs, as they can infest your Philodendron Burle Marx. If you spot any pests, it’s important to take action promptly and treat them with appropriate measures, such as using neem oil or insecticidal soap.

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