Unique Bonsai Trees

Some of these unique bonsai may be called strange, odd or even traditionally unacceptable. Others may not be considered “real” bonsai at all.

“Go Fly a Kite”

Phil Krieg had this to say about his unique bonsai displayed at a Bonsai Societies of Florida convention:

It’s a Brazilian Raintree and obviously in the Wind Swept style. I call it ‘Charlie after our hurricane here in 2014. I have been thinking about the beauty of Bonsai, the emotions it can generate and how to communicate it to those who admire but don’t understand it … every tree should tell a story of their life … when it came time to display it … I thought I would have some fun and be as obvious as possible to show a windy day and a windswept tree collapsed by a storm. 

Crazy Bonsai ?

Nick Lenz calls himself a “crazy old hermit.” He may be somewhat of a hermit, but he’s certainly not crazy!

Nick is often recognized (and sometimes criticized) for his eccentric styling and use of bizarre items with his bonsai (such as small statues, goblins and more.) However, there is no questioning his artistic ability.

A Temporary Home

Bonsai at Noelanders 2014 – Tony Tickle

“Calligraphy” got lots of attention (and controversy) at the European Noelanders Trophy 2014. In case you’re wondering how this unique bonsai lives in this ‘container,’ it doesn’t.

Grown in a more traditional container, Tony Tickle placed it in this arrangement for exhibit only.

Unique Bonsai Pot

Several years back, I was speaking in Virginia Beach, VA and was asked to do a walk-thru. When I came to this tree, I paused. 

It was a unique bonsai pot.  The tree was in the early stages of development, however, the overall arrangement was striking.

It made me think, –certainly not traditional. Although some folks objected, Ron Lang’s composition got a thumbs up.


Root-over-wall bonsai

You may ask “Where did that idea come from?” In tropical and sub-tropical zones of the world, Ficus species are common in the landscape, and their roots are prolific. Some trees are spread by birds from viable seed. Others are invasive because they’ve been ignored.

The roots growing on this stone wall are in Miami, Florida.

It is not unusual to find roots on old walls, fences and even houses … especially in old neighborhoods of tropical climates. Surely, a scene such as this was the inspiration for this root-over-wall bonsai presentation.

Unique Plants for Bonsai

Be sure to see his how-to section.

Notice that these unique bonsai peppers have very nice nebari!

Figurines and Bonsai ?

Very rarely seen in traditional Japanese bonsai, figures are frequently used in other countries, including the Vietnamese art of ‘hon non bo.’

Artist Lam Ngoc Vinh was featured on the ‘Art of Bonsai.’ A fine bonsai artist in the traditional sense … Lam Ngoc Vinh also has a creative leaning toward using figurines in a most unique way.

On the Wild Side

This bizarre ‘bonsai on a broomstick bicycle’ photo was taken by Miyazato Rintaro, Japan.


Although it looks very natural, two plants have been grafted together to form this ‘raft-bridge.’ The artist saw something few people would have imagined.

Jonas Dupuich, in one of his blogs, said: “Omoshiroi is a Japanese word that means ‘funny’ or ‘interesting.’ It can be used to express respect – or mockery.” The plants and some of the pots on this page are all ‘omoshiroi!’

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