🌿💧 Dive into the lush world of Anthurium Bakeri, a tropical gem that transforms any space into a paradise. Its dark green, veiny leaves and long-lasting white spathes make it irresistible.

💖🍃 Witness the enchanting transition of Anthurium Bakeri leaves from deep green to shades of coppery-red or bright pink. Its bright yellow flowers, resembling a flamingo's flair, bloom in late spring or early summer.

A Spectrum of Beauty

🌞🌱 Thriving in bright, indirect sunlight, Anthurium Bakeri demands a well-draining, rich organic mix. Find the perfect balance of moisture without the dread of waterlogging for vibrant growth.

Sunshine and Soil Secrets

✂️🌼 Keep it thriving with occasional pruning to shape and encourage new growth. Repot every two years for a fresh start, ensuring your Baker’s Anthurium remains the star of your indoor garden.

Mastering Maintenance

🪴➡️ Grow your garden! Divide or take stem cuttings to spread the beauty of Anthurium Bakeri. With patience and proper care, witness the joy of new growth and expand your tropical paradise.

Propagation Magic