Discover the unique charm of Anthurium Coriaceum! With its large, leathery leaves and vibrant spathes, this tropical beauty adds an exotic touch to any indoor space.

Thriving in bright, indirect light and craving high humidity, the Leatherleaf Anthurium mirrors its native rainforest conditions. Keep soil moist but not soggy for optimal health.

Perfect Environment for Growth

Mix bark, perlite, and peat for the perfect home. Water when the top inch feels dry, ensuring a balance of moisture for this stunning epiphyte.

Soil and Watering Essentials

Expand your collection through stem cuttings or division. With patience and care, watch new Leatherleaf Anthuriums take root and grow.

Propagation Made Easy

Vigilance against spider mites and mealybugs keeps your Anthurium Coriaceum flourishing. Use natural remedies like neem oil for protection and shine.

Keeping Pests at Bay