Dive into the world of Anthurium Regale, the Regal Anthurium, with its lush, heart-shaped leaves and stunning blooms. Perfect for adding a touch of royal elegance indoors.

Keep your Anthurium Regale thriving in bright, indirect light, warm temperatures (60-85°F), and high humidity. Remember, direct sunlight is a no-go for these majestic beauties.

Ideal Growing Conditions

Balance is crucial. Water only when the top inch of soil dries out, and boost humidity with a tray or humidifier to mimic its tropical origins. Avoid soggy soil to prevent root rot.

Watering and Humidity

Choose well-draining, slightly acidic soil for your Anthurium Regale. Repotting? Select a pot that's a snug fit with drainage holes to encourage healthy root growth.

Soil and Potting Needs

Expand your collection by stem cuttings or division. Keep an eye out for pests and treat promptly. Regular fertilizing during growing seasons keeps your Anthurium Regale in peak condition.

Propagation and Care Tips