Meet the Pigtail Anthurium, a tropical beauty with bright red spathes and glossy green leaves, perfect for adding a splash of color and exotic charm to your indoor spaces!

Thrive in bright, indirect light and high humidity. Keep the soil consistently moist for a happy Pigtail Anthurium. Remember, the right environment leads to those stunning, long-lasting blooms.

Essential Care Tips

Admire its pigtail-like spadix, a distinctive feature that sets it apart. With care, watch the vibrant red spathes flourish, bringing life to any room or indoor garden.

Unique Features

Expand your collection! Easily propagate through division or stem cuttings. Dive into the joy of growing more of these captivating plants with simple propagation tips.

Propagation Secrets

Address common challenges like proper watering and pest management to keep your Pigtail Anthurium thriving. With the right care, enjoy this stunning plant's beauty for years.

Overcoming Challenges