Introducing the King Anthurium, a tropical marvel with lush, velvety leaves that breathe life into any indoor space. Its deep-green color and white veins create a stunning visual effect.

Native to South America, this plant flourishes in high humidity. Discover its two popular subspecies, 'Angustilobum' and 'Hookeri', each adding unique charm to your garden.

Origins and Varieties

Bright, indirect light and consistent moisture are key to its vitality. Avoid direct sun and cold water to protect its delicate roots and ensure it thrives in your care.

Care Essentials

Beyond its beauty, the King Anthurium acts as a natural humidifier and air purifier, making it a perfect addition for a healthier living environment.

Air-Purifying Champion

Embrace the joy of propagation with this exotic plant. With the right care, watch your King Anthurium grow into an elegant statement piece that captivates all who see it.

Propagation and Growth