Discover the Black Queen Anthurium, a hybrid marvel with glossy, jet-black leaves and a deep red spathe. Its unique appearance makes it a standout addition to any space, bringing an air of mystery and sophistication.

Thriving in well-draining soil mixed with peat moss and perlite, this tropical beauty loves high humidity and temperatures between 60-80°F. Give it the right environment, and watch it flourish effortlessly.

Perfect Conditions for Royalty 👑

With leaves up to 12 inches long, the Black Queen Anthurium's stunning foliage and velvet-like flowers range from deep red to burgundy, making it a perfect match for modern or vibrant spaces alike.

A Splash of Darkness in Your Decor 🌿

Enjoy easy care with bright indirect sunlight and moderate watering. Keep its striking leaves dust-free for that mesmerizing sheen. It's a tropical gem that's both easy to care for and visually stunning.

Care Made Simple 💧☀️

Expand your collection by propagating through division or stem cuttings. Whether you're dividing its roots or nurturing a new stem, growing your own Black Queen Anthuriums can double the beauty in your home garden.

Propagate Your Own Black Royalty 👥