Introducing Burro’s Tail, the stunning Sedum morganianum, known for its trailing stems and fleshy leaves. A palette of green, gray-green, and blue-green leaves, each with a chalky wax coating, makes it a visual delight.

Burro’s Tail loves bright, direct light. Place it by a sunny window for a few hours daily. Avoid harsh midday sun to prevent leaf burn. No sunny spot? Grow lights are a great alternative!

Sunlight for Thriving

Burro’s Tail, a drought-tolerant succulent, thrives on minimal water. Let the soil dry out completely between waterings. Remember, less is more when it comes to water!

Watering Done Right

Fertilize Burro’s Tail once a year with diluted water-soluble fertilizer. Choose a well-draining container and potting mix, perfect for its root health and growth.

Fertilizing and Potting

Easily propagate Burro’s Tail with stem or leaf cuttings. Watch as it grows slowly, cascading beautifully in hanging baskets or containers, a true spectacle in your space.

Propagation & Growth