Discover the stunning foliage of Caladiums, perfect for both gardens and indoor spaces. With leaves in vibrant greens, reds, pinks, and whites, and patterns ranging from spots to stripes, Caladiums add a splash of color wherever they grow.

From the elegant strap-leaf Caladiums with their undulating edges to the heart-shaped lance-leaf and the striking fancy-leaf varieties, there's a Caladium for every taste. Mix and match to create a mesmerizing display of texture and color in your home or garden.

Choose Your Favorite Caladium Variety

Keep your Caladiums thriving with bright, indirect light and regular watering. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent leaf scorch, and ensure the soil stays moist but not waterlogged. Remember, the right light and watering schedule make all the difference!

Caladium Care Essentials

Use a balanced fertilizer monthly during the growing season for vibrant foliage. Pot your Caladiums in well-draining soil and a container with room for growth. This ensures they remain healthy, stunning, and ready to brighten up your space.

Fertilizing and Potting for Healthy Growth

Expand your Caladium collection by propagating through division or tubers. Keep your plants in top shape by pruning dead leaves, cleaning to prevent pests, and storing bulbs in winter for outdoor varieties.

Propagation & Maintenance