Transform your jade plant into an exquisite bonsai with patience and creativity. These forgiving plants are perfect for bonsai beginners!

Start with a 4 to 10-inch long jade cutting, thick and sturdy. Whether a straight trunk or branching stems, your choice sets the foundation for your bonsai journey.

Choose Your Canvas 🌿✂️

Root your cutting in well-draining soil, pot it in a small container with drainage, and watch it grow. Remember, jade plants prefer sunny spots and low humidity.

Root, Pot, and Thrive 🌳💧

Prune your jade bonsai in spring or summer to encourage a thick trunk and a balanced, beautiful shape. Don't fear mistakes; jade is a forgiving grower.

Prune to Perfection ✂️🌿

Water only when the soil dries out, and enjoy shaping your living art. Your patience will be rewarded with a stunning jade bonsai that's truly your own.

Care and Cherish 💖💦