Discover the chandelier plant (Kalanchoe Delagoensis), a succulent that dazzles with green-gray foliage and vibrant orange flowers. Perfect for adding elegance anywhere!

Thriving in bright, sunny spots, this plant loves morning sunlight. Indoors, place it by a south or west window for a daily dose of sunshine.

Light Up Your Home

Succulents like it dry! Water your chandelier plant only when the soil is bone dry, reducing the risk of root rot and keeping it happy.

Watering Wisdom

While not needy for nutrients, a monthly sprinkle of balanced succulent fertilizer during growth seasons ensures vibrant growth and bloom.

Fertilize for Flourish

Easily multiply your collection by propagating plantlets or stem cuttings. Use well-draining soil and repot for continual growth and beauty.

Propagation & Potting