Meet the Christmas Cactus: a vibrant, succulent-like houseplant with tubular flowers in varied hues. Thriving in high humidity, this festive plant is perfect for holiday decor and year-round beauty.

Bright, indirect light nurtures your Christmas Cactus - east-facing windows are ideal. Watch for reddish-purple stems, a sign of too much sun, and adjust the plant's position accordingly.

Perfect Light for Your Christmas Cactus

Keep the soil evenly moist during blooming, and reduce watering in October for bud formation. Regular, deep watering promotes health, but avoid waterlogging to prevent root rot.

Watering Schedule for a Blooming Christmas Cactus

Use a high-potassium fertilizer biweekly during growth phases for vibrant flowers. In fall and winter, reduce to monthly fertilizing, maintaining your cactus's lush appearance.

Fertilizing for Vibrant Blooms

Choose a planter with drainage holes and repot every 3-4 years to prevent root-bound plants. Propagate using stem cuttings in perlite or coarse sand for a rewarding expansion of your cactus collection.

Potting and Propagation Tips