Dracaena, a popular indoor plant choice, offers stunning leaf patterns and shapes. Species like Dracaena deremensis and Dracaena marginata are low-maintenance and perfect for busy plant lovers.

Dracaena thrives in varying light conditions. Some love low light, others prefer bright, indirect sunlight. Remember, the right light is key to their health and vibrancy.

Light and Life of Dracaena

Keep Dracaena's soil moist but not soaked. Overwatering is a no-go! Use filtered or rainwater to prevent leaf burn and ensure healthier growth.

Water Wisely

Fertilize Dracaena monthly during the growing season for optimal health. Use liquid fertilizer or organic compost for nourishment.

Feeding for Flourish

Easily expand your Dracaena collection through stem cuttings. Whether in water or soil, watch new roots grow and enjoy more green in your space.

Propagate and Prosper