Discover the charm of Feather Cactus (Mammillaria plumosa), a unique cactus species from Northeastern Mexico. Its fluffy, feather-like spines, resembling a baby bird, make it a delightful addition to any plant collection.

To keep your Feather Cactus thriving, water it once a week during the growing season, ensuring the soil dries out between waterings. In the dormant season, reduce watering frequency.

Care Essentials

Pot your Feather Cactus in well-draining cactus soil and a pot with drainage holes. It thrives in small containers, perfect for limited spaces. Propagation is easy and rewarding. You can grow new plants from offsets or seeds. For offsets, let them dry before planting; for seeds, sow them in a moist, well-draining mix.

Potting and Propagation

Enjoy the steady growth of your Feather Cactus, forming dense mounds over time. It's an ideal choice for those who appreciate compact plants. Witness the beauty of its blooming season in late summer, when it produces small, striped flowers that add elegance to its appearance.

Growth and Blooming

Watch out for mealybugs and ensure good air circulation to prevent fungal diseases. Handpick pests or use insecticidal soap for treatment. – Remember, overwatering is the Feather Cactus's enemy. Maintain a proper watering schedule and enjoy the unique beauty of this fuzzy cactus in your home or garden.

Overcoming Challenges