Ficus plants dazzle with foliage in shades from green to burgundy. From towering trees to creeping beauties, they elevate any indoor space with their diverse appearances and textures. 🌱✨

Bright, indirect sunlight is their haven, mirroring their natural tropical abode. Position them near windows but away from direct rays to shield their delicate leaves from scorching. 🌞🍃

Light Essentials for Growth

Strike a balance with watering—only when the top 2 inches of soil are dry. Overwatering is a faux pas; ficus prefers its soil moist, not soggy. A winter water diet is key! 💧🌿

Watering Wisdom

Feed your ficus monthly with balanced liquid fertilizer during spring and summer for vibrant growth. Come fall and winter, let them rest without extra nutrients. 🌼🥤

Fertilizing for Flourish

Every other year, rehome your ficus in a larger pot to support its growth. Try your hand at expanding your ficus family through stem cuttings or air layering for a greener space. 🪴➡️🌳

Potting and Propagating