Discover the Ficus Ilicina, a stunning indoor tree with glossy, dark green leaves, perfect for adding elegance to any space. Its bushy, cascading branches and ovate, textured leaves make it a visual delight.

Thriving in bright, indirect light and requiring consistent watering, the Ficus Ilicina is a new Ficus breed ideal for indoor cultivation. It demands well-draining soil with added sand or grit for optimal growth.

Care Essentials

Encourage a healthy, bushy appearance by pruning during its dormant phase in late autumn to winter. Maintain temperatures between 18-21°C and high humidity for a vibrant Ficus Ilicina.

Pruning and Maintenance

Expand your green space by propagating Ficus Ilicina through stem cuttings or air layering. It's a rewarding way to share this beautiful plant with friends and family.

Propagation Techniques

For a flourishing Ficus Ilicina, provide bright, indirect sunlight, moderate watering, and protect against pests like root rot and whiteflies. Repot every 2-3 years for continuous growth.

Quick Care Recap