🌱💚 Adorn your space with its heart-shaped leaves, showcasing stunning creamy white and green variegation. A touch of tropical paradise indoors!

🌍🍃 Originating from Southeast Asia, this evergreen vine thrives in warm, humid climates. Perfect for hanging baskets or as a climbing accent.

A Tropical Treasure

🛍️💡 Discover it at local nurseries, online retailers, or plant expos. Choose healthy specimens to add to your collection.

Where to Find Your Variegated Beauty

🌞💦 Position it in bright, indirect light, and maintain moist soil for optimal growth. Remember, balance is key to avoiding overwatering.

Cultivation Made Simple

🌿✂️ Expand your collection through stem cuttings. A rewarding way to share this variegated marvel with friends and family.

Propagate and Share