Discover the distinct allure of Haworthia plants, resembling mini aloes with green, fleshy leaves adorned in white spots. Each species presents its own leaf shape, from tentacle-like to pointed, in compact, clustered rosettes.

Haworthias flourish in bright, indirect light, thriving near east- or west-facing windows. Protect them from harsh sun rays to prevent leaf discoloration and ensure vibrant, sturdy growth.

Light Requirements for Healthy Growth

Master the art of watering Haworthias: wait until the top inch of soil dries out, but donโ€™t let it go bone dry. Use well-draining soil and pots with drainage holes to avoid root rot and ensure optimal moisture balance.

Watering Wisely

Fertilize sparingly with a succulent-specific formula during active growth months, avoiding over-fertilization. Choose well-draining soil in unglazed clay pots with drainage holes, repotting every 3-5 years for health and growth.

Fertilizing and Potting Tips

Easily propagate Haworthia through offsets, ensuring they have space and nutrients to thrive. Be vigilant of pests like mealybugs and prevent root rot with proper watering and drainage, for a long, healthy life of your Haworthia.

Propagation & Maintenance