Discover the natural power of chamomile tea for plant care. A soothing tea that doubles as a fungicide, protecting plants from diseases like damping off.

Chamomile tea: An effective solution against stem and root rot in seedlings. Easy to prepare from fresh or dried flowers, ideal for nurturing healthy plant growth.

Battling Damping Off with Chamomile

Regularly spray chamomile tea on seedlings to fend off fungal diseases. Soak seeds in chamomile tea for an extra layer of protection.

Preventing Fungal Attacks

Chamomile tea: Not just for damping off, but also for treating white mold and powdery mildew. A natural, eco-friendly alternative to chemical fungicides.

Chamomile's Versatile Benefits

Grow chamomile in your garden for a constant supply. Harvest flowers for fresh or dried use in teas, fungicides, and more.

Growing and Harvesting Chamomile