Hoyas stand out with their thick, waxy leaves in various shapes and colors, ranging from dark green to variegated patterns of cream, yellow, and pink.

Thriving in medium to bright indirect light, Hoyas prefer to avoid direct sunlight. Finding the right balance of light is key, as too much or too little can affect their growth and blooming.

Lighting for Lush Hoyas

Proper hydration is crucial; water Hoyas when the top inch of soil is dry. Adjust watering frequency with the seasons: more often in spring/summer and less in winter.

Watering Wisdom for Hoyas

Use a balanced organic fertilizer, applying weakly and often. Fertilizing helps in promoting lush foliage and vibrant blooms, especially during the growing season.

Feeding for Flourishing Hoyas

Hoyas prefer to be slightly root-bound; repot when necessary using well-draining soil. Expand your collection by propagating through stem cuttings, a simple yet rewarding process.

Potting and Propagation