Meet the Jade Bonsai, a succulent known as the 'Money Tree'. Perfect for beginners, this resilient plant thrives indoors, bringing a touch of natural elegance.

Jade Bonsai boasts thick, oval leaves and can reach up to 3 feet outdoors. Indoors, it stays around six inches, perfect for small spaces.

Unique Characteristics

Light and drainage are key! Keep your Jade Bonsai in bright light and well-drained soil. Watch out for over or under-watering to prevent root rot and pest issues.

Care Essentials

Prune regularly for health and aesthetics. Experiment with styles like formal upright or cascading. Each cut shapes its future, making pruning a vital part of Jade Bonsai care.

Pruning and Styling

Easily propagate your Jade Bonsai using stem or leaf cuttings. Regular care, including correct watering and temperature control, ensures a thriving bonsai.

Propagation & Maintenance