Transform your home or office with the elegance of Jade Bonsai. Thriving indoors with bright, indirect sunlight, this versatile plant brings nature's beauty to your personal space.

Maximize your Jade Bonsai's potential by placing it near a window with southern or western exposure, ensuring it gets at least 3 hours of sunlight daily. Remember, the right spot enhances growth and visual appeal.

Ideal Placement for Growth

Keep your Jade Bonsai vibrant by watering it only when the soil dries out, typically every 7-10 days, and reducing in winter. Monthly fertilization during the growing season ensures lush, healthy growth.

Watering and Feeding for Vitality

Shape your Jade Bonsai with regular pruning and careful wiring. This not only maintains its aesthetic appeal but also promotes healthy branch growth. Remember, no cut-paste to prevent rot!

Pruning and Shaping Artistry

Every other spring, repot your Jade Bonsai in well-draining soil to encourage robust root health. Careful propagation can expand your collection, sharing the joy of bonsai with others.

Healthy Roots, Happy Bonsai