Discover the Mammillaria Snowball Cactus, a charming, low-maintenance plant perfect for any cactus enthusiast. With its distinctive columnar shape, dense spines, and white wool-like covering, it stands out in any collection.

Thrives in sunny conditions, tolerating some cold. Water sparingly, ensuring the soil dries out between waterings, and use well-draining cactus soil. Repot annually in late winter or spring for optimal growth.

Essential Care Tips

Over 100 white spines per tubercle and a snowy wool-like substance define its look. Enjoy its delicate pink and white flowers in summer, adding beauty to its spiny texture.

Unique Features & Blooms

Prefers several hours of direct or bright, indirect sunlight daily. Avoid overwatering; it's better to underwater this desert native. For indoor growing, choose a well-lit spot near a window or use artificial grow lights.

Light & Watering Needs

Easily propagate through offsets or cuttings. Slow-growing, reaching up to 6.0" inches wide and 12.0" inches tall. Produces stunning yellow or pinkish flowers in spring, enhancing its appeal.

Propagation and Growth