Manjula Pothos Care 🌱💚: Expert Tips for Large, Heart-Shaped, Variegated Leaves - Transform Your Space with Ease!

Manjula Pothos Loves Light 🌞🌿: Thrive in Bright Indirect Sunlight, East or West Rooms Ideal, Grow Lights for Low-Light Spaces!


Manjula Pothos Soil Secret 🌱💧: Mix Potting Soil, Orchid Bark, Perlite for Perfect Drainage and Moisture, No Root Rot, Happy Plant!


Manjula Pothos Water Wisdom 🌱💦: Wait for Top 2 Inches of Soil to Dry, Avoid Over/Under Watering for Lush, Healthy Leaves!


Propagate Manjula Pothos with Ease 🌿✂️: Simple Stem Cuttings in Water or Soil, Bright Spot, Consistent Moisture for New Growth!