Explore the world of Marimo Moss Balls, the unique spherical algae that bring tranquility to your space. Known as Aegagropila linnaei, these velvety green spheres symbolize good luck in Japanese culture.

Marimo Moss Balls thrive in low to medium indirect light, avoiding direct sunlight. Perfect for spaces with ambient light, they maintain their lush green in gentle conditions.

Ideal Light Conditions

Keep them submerged in water, changing it every two weeks. They prefer cool temperatures, echoing their natural lake habitats.

Watering and Environment

These self-sustaining algae don’t require additional fertilization. Their slow growth adds to their charm, needing little to stay vibrant.

No Fertilizer Needed

Display them in glass containers for a captivating view. Propagate by splitting and reshaping to grow your Marimo family.

Potting and Propagation