Discover the Mexican honeysuckle (Justicia spicigera), a vibrant addition to gardens. This evergreen shrub with fluorescent orange to reddish flowers attracts hummingbirds and butterflies, enhancing your garden's beauty and ecosystem.

Mexican honeysuckle thrives in direct sunlight. Plant it where it gets at least six hours of sun daily to witness its full blooming potential. Even in partial shade, it brings a burst of color to your garden.

Perfect Spot for Vibrant Blooms

Water your Mexican honeysuckle evenly throughout the growing season. Once a year, after the last frost, fertilize with a balanced blend to encourage lush blooms and robust growth.

Watering and Nourishment for Healthy Growth

Potting Mexican honeysuckle? Choose a container with good drainage and nutrient-rich soil. Expand your garden by propagating through stem cuttings, a simple yet rewarding process.

Potting and Propagating Your Plant

Keep an eye out for pests like whiteflies and prevent diseases like rust and powdery mildew. Remember, this resilient plant not only beautifies your space but also offers medicinal benefits and supports pollinators!

Maintaining a Vibrant, Healthy Plant