Discover the key to flourishing Monsteras! These plants love bright, indirect sunlight.  Place them near a window where they can bask in the light, without the harshness of direct sun rays.

Is your Monstera not thriving? Watch out for signs like leaves not splitting, slow growth, and discolored leaves. These are tell-tale signs your plant craves more light!

Recognizing Light Deprivation

For optimal Monstera growth, aim for 8-10 hours of filtered light daily. East or south-facing windows are your best bet. Remember, too little light slows growth, while too much can scorch leaves.

Perfect Placement for Perfect Growth

Monsteras hail from tropical rainforests. They thrive under tall trees that filter sunlight. Mimicking these dappled light conditions indoors helps them develop their iconic split leaves.

Replicating Monstera's Natural Habitat

Adjusting your Monstera's light exposure is key. Use grow lights if natural light is scarce. Place them in bright but indirect sunlight and watch for signs of too much or too little light to ensure their best health.

Light Tips for Monstera Care

Can't find the perfect spot? No worries! Supplement your Monstera's light needs with grow lights. They mimic natural sunlight, ensuring your plant gets its light fix for robust growth, even indoors.

Innovating with Indoor Lighting