Discover the art of growing new Monstera plants from cuttings. Two popular methods: water propagation and soil propagation, each with unique benefits.

Monstera Propagation Made Easy

Environmentally friendly, reduces waste by reusing plant material. Revive struggling plants and share your love for greenery with friends and family.

Advantages of Houseplant Propagation

Sharp shears or scissors for precise cuttings. Choose between water and soil as rooting media and select an appropriate vessel. Optional rooting hormone and humidity container to enhance growth.

Essential Tools for Successful Propagation

Water Propagation: Observe roots grow in water, ideal for beginners. Soil Propagation: Directly plant in soil, suitable for mature plants.

Water vs. Soil Propagation Techniques

Gift propagated cuttings and participate in plant exchanges. Master different propagation methods for a thriving plant collection.

Sharing the Joy and Conclusion