Discover the Monstera Standleyana, a stunning houseplant from Central and South America. Known as the Five-Hole Plant, it's a tropical vine that thrives in warm, humid conditions with bright, indirect light.

Admire its variegated leaves, showcasing a beautiful mix of green, white, cream, or pale yellow. Each leaf is a unique piece of art, contributing to the plant's eye-catching appearance.

Unique Leaf Variegation

Ensure your Monstera Standleyana gets at least six hours of bright, indirect light daily. Watch for signs like vibrant variegation and lush green leaves to confirm proper lighting.

Light Requirements

Water when the top inch of soil feels dry and fertilize monthly during spring and summer. Use a balanced organic fertilizer for healthy growth and vivid foliage.

Watering and Fertilizing

Monstera Standleyana can reach 2 to 5 feet indoors, adding vibrancy to any space. Propagate through stem cuttings in water or soil to share this gorgeous plant with friends.

Growth and Propagation