Monstera plants, known for their unique leaves, need proper watering for a healthy indoor jungle. Factors like light, temperature, humidity, and pot size crucially influence their watering needs.

Yellow leaves and root rot? Your Monstera might be overwatered. Wilting leaves and browning edges indicate underwatering – a sign to water your Monstera.

Signs of Watering Issues

Winter means less water for your dormant Monstera. In summer, high temperatures and humidity increase its thirst. Adjust your watering routine accordingly.

Seasonal Watering Tips

Use room-temperature water and avoid wetting the leaves. A well-draining potting mix and deep watering until it drains out help prevent root rot.

Best Watering Practices

Regular soil moisture checks and observing your plant can guide your watering schedule. Maintain a consistent routine, adjusting for seasonal changes and indoor conditions.

Creating a Watering Schedule

Consider using filtered or rainwater for your Monstera to ensure optimal health. Tap water works too, but let it sit to reduce chlorine levels before watering your plant.

Choosing the Right Water