💡🌿 Neon Pothos care made simple! Brighten your space with easy tips for vibrant leaves that thrive in busy lifestyles! 📗🌱✨

Neon Pothos: A Versatile Gem 💚🌿 Thriving in Bright Indirect Light and Cozy Temps (55-90°F), Perfect for Any Indoor Spot!


Neon Pothos Love 💚: Water Smartly, Let Top Soil Dry for Lush Growth - No Overwatering, No Root Rot!


Thrive Your Neon Pothos in Perfect Soil 🌱💚: Mix Peat, Perlite, Vermiculite for Drainage and Nutrients, No Waterlogging!


Neon Pothos Magic 🌱✨: Fertilize Sparingly for Lush Growth, Propagate Easily with Stem Cuttings in Water or Soil!