Overwatering your Monstera can lead to serious issues like root rot and bacterial infections. Look out for signs such as dark brown spots on leaves, yellowing, and fungus in the soil.

Treating root rot involves removing the affected roots and repotting in well-draining soil. Adjust watering habits and ensure the soil dries out properly to prevent future issues.

Addressing Root Rot & Soil Issues

Yellow leaves or stems often signal overwatering or nutrient deficiencies. Modify watering practices and use balanced fertilizers to address these concerns.

Understanding Yellow Leaves and Stems

Excess moisture can cause fungal growth and soil that stays wet for too long. Adjust light exposure, improve drainage, and monitor soil moisture levels regularly.

Preventing Fungus and Excess Soil Moisture

Observing your Monstera closely helps in identifying and fixing overwatering problems. Regular care, balanced watering, and proper environmental conditions ensure a healthy plant.

Caring for Your Monstera

In case of overwatering, assess for root rot and clean the roots carefully. Repot in fresh soil, adjust your watering schedule, and monitor the plant’s recovery.

Reviving an Overwatered Monstera