Oxalis, also known as Wood Sorrels, are captivating with over 550 unique species. Each plant flaunts trifoliate leaves in colors from vibrant purple to varied shades of green.

Oxalis triangularis amazes with foldable leaves, creating a dynamic and enchanting display. The diversity in leaf patterns and colors makes Oxalis a stunning addition to any indoor garden.

Enchanting Leaf Dynamics

Thrive your Oxalis in bright indirect or direct light for optimal growth. Place them near well-lit windows, avoiding harsh sun to prevent leaf burn.

Light for Lively Growth

Water Oxalis every 1-2 weeks, allowing soil to dry halfway for healthy roots. Adjust watering frequency according to light exposure for balanced plant care.

Watering Wisdom

Fertilize every 1-2 months with a balanced, water-soluble formula for vibrant growth. Pot in well-draining soil and repot biennially for continuous health and expansion.

Nurturing Through Fertilization and Potting