Discover the charm of Peace Lilies with their glossy, dark green leaves and stunning white flowers. These plants are not just a visual delight but also enhance the air quality, making them perfect for indoor spaces.

Peace Lilies thrive in various light conditions, from low to bright, indirect sunlight. They're ideal for brightening up darker corners of your home, but remember to shield them from direct, harsh sunlight to keep their leaves vibrant.

Perfect Light, Perfect Lily

Keep the soil moist but not soggy with weekly waterings. Watch for drooping leaves, a sign your Peace Lily needs water. In winter, reduce watering frequency, ensuring the soil stays slightly moist.

Watering Wisdom for Lush Lilies

Nourish your Peace Lily every two months with a diluted houseplant fertilizer. Avoid overfeeding to protect the delicate roots, encouraging robust foliage and radiant blooms.

Fertilizing for Flourishing Growth

Propagate your Peace Lily by division to share its beauty. Ensure good drainage in pots and use well-draining soil. Regularly check for pests like spider mites and mealybugs to keep your plant healthy and thriving.

Propagation and Care Tips