Is your peace lily feeling cramped? Look for signs like tightly packed roots, stopped growth, or crowded leaves. It's time for a new home to let it flourish!

Give your peace lily the perfect soil blend! Mix organic matter with perlite or vermiculite for moisture and aeration, ensuring vibrant growth and healthy roots.

Selecting the Right Potting Mix

Size and material matter for your peace lily's new pot. Aim for 1-2 inches wider with good drainage. Terracotta or plastic, choose what's best for your space.

Choosing the Perfect Pot

Get your peace lily ready! Water it thoroughly a day before, gently loosen the root ball, and carefully lift it out. It's all about a gentle touch for a smooth transition.

Preparing for Repotting

Time to repot! Place your peace lily in its new pot with fresh soil, trim any damaged roots, and water well. Position it in bright, indirect light and enjoy the growth.

The Repotting Process