Meet the vibrant Polka Dot Plant, also known as Hypoestes phyllostachya. Admire its stunning freckled foliage in shades from classic white and green to bubblegum pink and watermelon red.

Thrive in part to full shade, perfect for indoors. Medium to bright indirect light enhances their colorful leaves.

Ideal Lighting for Vibrant Colors

Keep soil moist but avoid over-saturation. Regular watering necessary for this non-drought tolerant plant.

Watering for Lush Growth

Use all-purpose organic fertilizer during active growth months. Supports abundant, lush foliage in your Polka Dot Plant.

Fertilizing for Healthy Plants

Well-draining soil in a spacious pot encourages healthy growth. Repot every 12-18 months to give your plant room to flourish.

Perfect Potting Practices