Dive into the world of Pothos, the ideal plant for new gardeners. Known for its air-purifying abilities, Pothos is as beautiful as it is easy to care for.

Pothos: A Beginner's Best Friend

From the classic Golden Pothos to the striking Neon Pothos, discover a range of Pothos varieties, each with unique and eye-catching foliage.

Varieties of Vibrance

Thrive in bright, indirect light, and let the top inch of soil dry between waterings. Pothos' forgiving nature makes it perfect for busy plant lovers.

Light and Water: The Pothos Balance

Keep your Pothos happy with regular pruning, the right temperature, and balanced fertilizing. Remember, they're toxic if ingested, so keep them away from pets and kids.

Pothos Care Essentials

Easily propagate your Pothos through stem cuttings or root division. Tackle common issues like yellow leaves or pests with simple care adjustments.

Propagate and Troubleshoot