Discover the Rat Tail Cactus, a stunning houseplant from southwestern Mexico and Central America. Known for its long trailing stems and vibrant violet-red flowers, it's a favorite among plant enthusiasts.

Marvel at its trailing stems that can grow up to 4 feet, ideal for hanging displays. Be captivated by its beautiful violet-red, pink, or orange flowers, adding a splash of color to your space.

Eye-catching Appearance

Thrives in bright, direct sunlight – perfect for south or west-facing windows. Utilize the soak and dry method for watering, ensuring the soil stays slightly moist but not waterlogged.

Light and Watering Needs

Annual repotting in a well-draining mix ensures continued growth. Fertilize every two weeks with a diluted liquid fertilizer during the growing season for optimal health.

Potting and Fertilizing

Easily propagate through stem cuttings to expand your collection. Stay vigilant for pests like spider mites and scale insects, using natural remedies like neem oil for treatment.

Propagation and Care Tips