Discover the Red Torch Cactus, a stunning desert plant known for its bluish-green, spiny stem and vibrant flowers. It grows up to 2 feet tall, featuring branches near its base for a fuller look.

The Red Torch Cactus comes alive with funnel-shaped blooms in red, pink, yellow, and orange. These vivid flowers create a beautiful contrast against the cactus's bluish-green stem.

Burst of Colors

Thriving in bright, full sunlight, the Red Torch Cactus is perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings. Remember to provide it with indirect light indoors and some shade outdoors to prevent sunburn.

Sunlight and Care

This drought-tolerant cactus needs minimal watering – once every 2-3 weeks during growth season and even less in winter. Use a well-draining soil and a cactus-specific fertilizer for optimal health and blooming.

Watering and Fertilizing

Easily propagated through divisions or cuttings, the Red Torch Cactus is a slow grower but can reach over 3 feet in length. It's winter dormant, with blooms appearing from midwinter to early spring, adding beauty to your garden year-round.

Propagation and Growth