Embrace the elegance of Rubber Trees in your indoor garden. Discover the joy of nurturing these glossy, low-maintenance beauties to add a touch of green to your living space.

Shine the right light on your Rubber Tree! Thriving in medium to bright indirect sunlight, find the perfect spot to let it bask without the burn. A sheer curtain can be your plant's best friend.

Light and Location

Balance is key in watering your Rubber Tree. Let the soil dry out between sessions to quench its thirst without drowning its roots. Adjust with the seasons for a happy, hydrated plant.

Water Wisely

Nourish your Rubber Tree with balanced fertilization during the growing months. A little goes a long way to fuel its lush, vibrant growth. Remember, it's all about moderation.

Feed for Growth

Expand your green family by propagating your Rubber Tree. Whether through cuttings or air layering, experience the thrill of growing new life. Stay vigilant for pests and embrace routine care for a thriving indoor tree.

Propagation and Care