Discover the charm of the Sago Palm (Cycas revoluta), a plant with a palm-like appearance and glossy, dark green fronds. Perfect for indoor and outdoor decor, it's a slow-growing plant that adds a tropical touch to any space.

Sago Palms love warm, humid environments with dappled sunlight and acidic soil. Keep them in temperatures between 65-75Β°F, but be cautious as all parts are toxic to humans and pets.

Ideal Conditions for Thriving Sago Palms

Bright, indirect light is best for these plants, with protection from direct sunlight. Water them when the soil surface dries out, but avoid overwatering to prevent root rot.

Light and Watering: Keys to Healthy Sago Palms

Fertilize Sago Palms monthly with a balanced liquid fertilizer during growing seasons. Use well-draining soil in a porous pot, ensuring good drainage to support healthy growth.

Fertilizing and Potting for Optimal Growth

Propagate through offset division or seeds for more Sago Palms. These resilient plants can live for over 200 years, growing slowly to potentially reach 10 feet in height.

Propagation and Longevity of Sago Palms