The San Pedro Macho is an impressive columnar cactus, soaring up to 20 feet tall. It boasts a unique architectural look with a green stem, vertical ribs, and intriguing spines.

At night, the San Pedro Macho reveals stunning white flowers, exuding a sweet aroma. It also produces eye-catching red or orange fruits, adding vibrancy to its appearance.

Nighttime Blooms and Colorful Fruits

Thriving in full sun to partial shade, this cactus needs at least 6 hours of sunlight daily. Protect it from intense midday sun to prevent burn, ensuring a healthy, vibrant growth.

Sunlight and Shade - Striking the Balance

This drought-resistant cactus requires minimal watering, with soil drying completely between sessions. Avoid overwatering; summer needs differ from winter, aligning with the plant’s dormant state.

Water Wisely, Grow Vigorously

Propagate through stem cuttings for new growth, and provide the right environment for steady development. Regular care, monitoring for pests, and legal compliance for mescaline extraction ensure a thriving San Pedro Macho.

Propagation and Growth Insights