Discover the beauty of Schefflera plants! Dive into the world of these tropical houseplants known for their umbrella-like foliage. Two popular species, the Schefflera actinophylla and Schefflera arboricola, bring lush, green vibrancy to any indoor space.

Bright, indirect light is the sweet spot for Schefflera. Keep them near a window, but shielded from harsh sunlight. Water wisely! Let the top inch of soil dry before watering to prevent root rot. In winter, reduce the frequency to match cooler temperatures.

Ideal Lighting and Watering

Feed your Schefflera with balanced liquid fertilizer every two weeks during the growing season. Alternatively, slow-release pellets offer a steady nutrient supply, making plant care simpler and more effective.

Nourishment for Growth

Choose well-draining soil and pots with drainage holes for healthy Schefflera growth. Expand your green family by propagating through stem cuttings. Just dip in rooting hormone, plant in moist soil, and watch new roots form!

Potting and Propagating Tips

Indoors, Schefflera grows slower but still adds a touch of tropics to your space. Regular pruning keeps it bushy and healthy. Watch out for pests like aphids and mealybugs, and treat with insecticidal soap if needed.

Growth and Maintenance