Embrace the elegance of the Silver Vase Plant, a stunning centerpiece for any indoor oasis or garden. 🌸 Its unique rosette of variegated leaves captures the eye, promising to elevate your space.

Bathe your Silver Vase in bright, indirect sunlight to cherish its vivid colors. 🌞 Keep it cozy between 60°F and 75°F for optimum growth. Remember, light and warmth are key!

Sunlight & Temperature

Quench its thirst wisely! Fill the central cup weekly for hydration and sprinkle the soil when dry. 💧 Use filtered water to avoid mineral buildup, keeping it lush and vibrant.

Watering Wisdom

Feed your floral friend monthly with diluted houseplant food during growth seasons. 🌱 Whether a gentle foliar spray or soil nutrition, keep it fed for stunning blooms.

Fertilize for Flourish

Grow your garden by propagating its pups! With love, light, and the right moisture, watch new plants thrive. 🌿 Stay vigilant against pests and cherish every moment of growth.

Propagation & Care