Discover the beauty of Snake Plants, known for their stiff, sword-like leaves. Perfect for those who forget to water, these low-maintenance plants thrive in drought and low light, making them ideal for indoor spaces.

Bright, indirect sunlight keeps Snake Plants vibrant. Place them near north or east-facing windows for optimal growth, avoiding harsh midday sun. Remember, too little light fades their color, while too much can cause leaf burn.

Lighting for Lush Leaves

Water your Snake Plant only when the top inch of soil is dry. These drought-tolerant wonders need less water in winter. Be cautious โ€“ overwatering can lead to root rot, but underwatering leaves them limp.

Watering Wisdom

Fertilize your Snake Plant twice a year with a balanced, diluted fertilizer. This extra nutrient boost during spring and summer supports their striking appearance. Avoid winter fertilizing during their rest period.

Feeding for Flourish

Easily multiply your Snake Plant through cuttings or division. Root cuttings in water or potting mix, or separate mature plants at the roots. With minimal effort, watch new plants thrive and grow.

Propagate with Ease