Discover the unique beauty of Staghorn Ferns, plants that thrive on air and love. Perfect for adding a touch of the wild to your indoor oasis.

Staghorn Ferns crave bright, indirect sunlight. A cozy spot near a south or east-facing window will keep them happy and healthy without the harshness of direct rays.

Light & Location

Imitate their natural humid habitat with regular misting. When their roots need a drink, a soak in water for a few minutes does wonders.

Humidity & Hydration

Marvel at their two frond types: the antler fronds for reproduction, and the shield fronds for protection and moisture absorption. A living piece of art!

Antler and Shield Fronds

Whether mounted on wood or nestled in a pot, Staghorn Ferns bring a unique flair to your space. Keep them thriving with light, water, and love.

Care and Mounting Tips