Welcome to the world of the String of Hearts, a charming houseplant with delicate vines and heart-shaped leaves. Known for its intricate patterns and variegated types, it’s a visual treat.

Thrive your String of Hearts in bright indirect light to keep it healthy and vibrant. Keep away from direct sunlight to prevent scorching the delicate leaves.

Light Requirements for Lush Growth

Water when the soil is completely dry; perfect for drought-tolerant plant lovers. Reduce frequency in cooler months to prevent root rot.

Watering Your String of Hearts

Feed your String of Hearts twice a year during the growing season. Use a quality houseplant fertilizer for nourishing its stunning foliage.

Fertilizing for Healthy Plants

Expand your collection easily through stem cuttings or layering. Enjoy the fast-growing, trailing beauty of your String of Hearts in your indoor space.

Propagation and Growth